Classical Queer Summer Orchestra in Halifax Nova Scotia

As you can see, there is a new tab to click on! The Orchestra tab. Since beginning this project, I have wanted to find a way to put my money where my mouth is. To talk the talk and walk the walk. To find a way to not only talk about the performing lives of queer artists, but help foster them and add to the real-life, actual creation of queer art. So, I decided on a queer orchestra. It doesn’t yet include other art forms. It may be fledgling and small to begin with. It may be a constant up-hill battle. But, despite all of those things, I’m excited to see what we can create. When I say create, I mean in all senses of the word. Create music, certainly, but also create community, connections, conversation, and a way to begin talking about queer arts more in my home city of Halifax.

If you are interested in joining, or if you know someone interested in joining, send me a message via the contact page. Or really, if you even just want to send encouragement and well wishes but have no musical ability or don’t know anyone that plays an instrument, I will welcome those messages as well.

Here’s to more queer arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

Also, there are more blog posts coming with great interviews. They are on the way!