upcoming interviews

I’m very excited about sharing the next couple interviews with everyone. Dr. Fiona Ryan and Dr. Charles Beale. Fiona is a composer and teacher that I met through mutual friends. When we sat down to talk over the summer, we had great discussions about female composers, her own compositional process, Canadian musical identity. It was very fun to talk about such important topics with someone I know primarily socially. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to talk with someone about topics we would rarely talk about.

Dr. Beale is someone I have yet to meet in person. He is the conductor of the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus. They regularly perform with the NY Philharmonic, pop superstars, and on major international TV programs like Good Morning America. Despite these large credits, Charles and I had a lengthy and rousing chat about the chorus, gender identity, and how queer choirs can become more important than blood relatives. As someone who has been a queer choir conductor in London, UK and NYC for many years, Charles has seen some seismic shifts in public perception, representation, and the visibility of queer people.

Both of these chats will be up in the next week or so. I really hope that everyone enjoys reading about these two phenomenal artists.