A Project Update

I’ve never really bought into the idea of milestones. The whole concept of having an arbitrary demarkation of time and events is still a bit odd to me. However, as I start this new project, there are things that I would be remiss to acknowledge. Today, it is that there have been over 1100 views on classicalqueer. 1100 times these articles have been read. That blows my mind. When I began talking to my partner Andrew about starting this project, the only hope I had would be that maybe a handful of people would want to talk to me about being a queer+ artist, and maybe two handfuls of people would actually read what we talked about. But here we are.

As I talk to these phenomenal queer performers, administrators, and producers, it has become increasingly clear that this project has legs. That it has the potential to become an important record of peoples work and lives. A few people have told me how excited and proud they are to see their article next to people they admire and respect. I respond that I am humbled and in awe that I have been given the chance to talk with everyone I have.

I could not be more thrilled that people are reading these interviews. I could not be more excited that people are willing to talk with me about their lives and experiences. I could not be more encouraged by the response. It gives me great joy to continue working on the site. There are many great people to talk to. There are so many stories to tell. Here is to more queer representation and storytelling!