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Queer Voices

My name is Jacob Caines. I'm a classical musician and I'm queer. I've spent most of my life in the classical arts. I've also spent most of my life as an out queer person. I'm starting this website as a place to chat to other Queer, 2SLGBTQ+, and Trans+ people working in the classical arts so that we can all read about their triumphs, struggles, and stories in their own words. As I get older and understand more of my own artistic voice and process, I'm realizing that my identity plays a large role in who I am not only as a person, but as a musician and artist. Very often, performers and people working in the arts are hesitant to discuss their gender and sexuality in relation to their art. I believe that something so fundamental about the life and culture of a queer+ person must also influence their art, relationships, and creation. This website is a collection of their stories.